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Meet Thania Lama: Dweck’s Shining Example to #DoWhatMatters

September 1, 2023

Thania Lama, an Assistant Property Manager, has been a member of the Dweck Properties team since 2016. Known for her kindness and charitable service to others, she is constantly dedicating her time and energy to better the lives of those in need. She attributes this dedication to the outlook she formed when she was a child living in many places and immersed in a variety of cultural backgrounds.

“My life has been a diverse journey, shaped by my Palestinian and Hispanic background, and the places I’ve lived. Born in New York, raised in the Dominican Republic and Panama, I embraced different cultures and developed a global outlook.”

Thania’s journey to Property Management began when she was living in South Carolina. Initially, she pursued a career in IT and later found her way into the world of Property Management and Real Estate where she found a lot of fulfillment. Through her life and the many different paths she has taken, family and community have always been a constant source of strength and support for Thania. “I carry cherished memories and a resilient spirit with gratitude for life’s blessings,” she said, reflecting on her many efforts to contribute to the community around her.

“Active engagement and responsibility towards one another build a supportive space for mutual well-being. Ultimately, communities create a sense of home, reminding us of our collective power to shape a better future.”

It is with this sentiment that Thania has sought to help the community around her. She has helped provide Thanksgiving meals and Christmas packages to those in need. She is active in supporting her local community as well as national and global non-profits and has even traveled internationally to help indigenous communities with school supplies and medical aid. “I’ve consistently supported organizations like UNICEF and St. Jude, but now, I’m dedicating more time to St. Jude in honor of my late daughter, Christina,” said Thania.

Thania Lama

Thania has also been known to organize food and clothing drives as well as community service projects at the community where she serves as Assistant Property Manager. She hopes to give more people the opportunity to be involved in charitable work, like this past Valentine’s Day, when she hosted a card-crafting party for residents to make Valentine’s to send to a senior living community nearby. Through personal experience, Thania also offers counseling and emotional support to mothers who have lost children and aims to facilitate healing retreats in the future.

“Many would describe Thania as someone who quietly serves with intentionality and dedication,” said one of her co-workers. “Her heart is huge beyond measure.”

At the 2022 DweckStars, an annual awards event for Dweck employees, Thania was awarded with the Flor Yudice Humanitarian Award, which recognizes the top Dweck employee to consistently give time, energy, and support to charitable organizations and service for others. At the ceremony, her colleagues introduced her as “a person who actively cares about the world we live in and has dedicated countless hours and has raised over $110K (and counting) personally to help others in need.” They praised Thania as “a person who opens their home for community, opens their arms for caring and opens their heart to love others.”

“From a young age, I’ve had a strong desire to help those in need. I’ve provided food, clothes, and toys to families and children facing hardship. My lifelong commitment is to make a positive impact and inspire others to join in this noble cause, fostering compassion and generosity in our communities,” said Thania.

Thania’s story serves as an inspiring reminder that making a difference doesn’t always require grand gestures and can start with small acts of kindness. Her service at Dweck and commitment and compassion for her community and her continuous effort have left an indelible mark on the lives of many. As we reflect on Thania’s journey, there is much to learn from her selfless giving, quiet diligence, and compassion. We can all be like Thania with small acts of kindness, that can collectively shape a brighter future and make the world a kinder place.

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