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Happy Birthday to…us!

January 2, 2024

As Dweck Properties marks its third birthday today, our celebration goes beyond the passage of time — it’s a reflection on our remarkable journey and achievements in just three short years. In the challenging year of 2020, we navigated the obstacles of a global pandemic, setting the stage for the birth of a company that places culture and our people at the forefront of everything we do. On January 2nd, 2021 the magic unfolded as we seamlessly transitioned from the original Dweck family’s investor-owner model to becoming a fully integrated real estate powerhouse. With in-house expertise spanning property management, development, construction management, asset management, and more, we’ve not only built a “young” company but also anchored it on the solid foundation of the Dweck family’s first 50+ years of success.

Our celebration extends far beyond what we’ve achieved; it’s also about how we’ve done it. Our simple, yet powerful mission centers on extraordinary care for our employees as well as extraordinary care for our residents. We prioritize driving value, elevating lives, and instilling joy in our communities. This philosophy is the lifeblood of our organization, from our brand to our culture, commitments, and values. We stand on a rich heritage of kindness and joy from the Dweck family, proving that these pillars are fundamental to business success. Our commitment to these values is evident in our culture, learning, and training programs, and the way we treat each other every day. This care and joy then resonate with our customers, as our residents witness and feel the genuine camaraderie among our team members. We believe in creating a family-oriented atmosphere in real estate, an ethos that is fundamental to us.

On our third birthday, our President, Andy VanHorn, blows out our cake’s candles and speaks to the distinctive culture at Dweck and its profound impact on every aspect of our organization:

“As we anticipate significant growth, we are keen on ensuring that our culture remains a strong foundation, that the ripple we’ve initiated in the pond continues to grow and carry the weight of the positive impact we aspire to make on the world.”

Happy Birthday Dweck!

We have a lot to celebrate. Throughout 2023, we invested significant time in building and fortifying this culture, creating a seamless flow of information and a shared desire for learning from top to bottom. Andy holds this responsibility with great importance and reflects on it daily. He believes a leader’s actions set the tone for how people within the company treat each other. It’s not just about holding onto the culture tightly; it’s about actively influencing and maintaining it. Andy’s deep belief in our mission and his profound care for every member of our team form the bedrock of Dweck’s company ethos. As he stewards this commitment, he champions everyone to do the same, fostering a culture that we can all embrace and one that makes us proud. In the words of Andy:

“Our commitment to fostering a culture of care and continuous learning underpins every level of our organization. From the maintenance technicians to our leadership team, we ensure that everyone understands the “why” and “how” and, most importantly, that they genuinely care.”

Happy Birthday Dweck!

This past year alone saw Dweck hit its stride in several key areas. Occupancy rates soared above 95%, welcoming over 3,300 new residents and renewing the leases of even more. Resident satisfaction remained high, with nearly 90% of online reviews being positive, reflecting the exceptional care and service provided by our dedicated team. By doubling down on learning programs for employees and fostering an ownership mentality, the results have been nothing short of amazing. Our commitment to excellence was further recognized by its receipt of numerous industry awards, including six PACE Awards for outstanding multifamily management.

We are also committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Through our employee-driven program “Dwecksters Doing Good,” team members use their on-the-clock time to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities, from supporting survivors of domestic abuse to helping with community park clean-ups. Dweck residents are also encouraged to participate in monthly giving-back initiatives, ranging from food drives to crafting holiday cards for residents of retirement homes. We believe in the power of hands-on involvement and actively seek philanthropic opportunities to make a difference. To learn more about this program, visit our December blog post here.

Happy Birthday Dweck!

The future of Dweck holds a vision of building upon our already robust foundation to establish a unique company that nurtures holistic growth for our team members. Encouraging and providing opportunities for both personal and professional development is one that Dweck leadership is committed to garnering. The culture of continuous learning aligns with our anticipated expansion in real estate portfolios and diversified business lines over the coming years. As we embrace the defining characteristics of what makes us special, we eagerly anticipate achieving more remarkable milestones in the future.

Much of our future is centered on constructing a resilient and flexible perspective that fuels growth for both individuals and our properties. Our commitment to constant improvement, both in business operations and our team, remains unwavering. We aim to positively impact people while driving results for our business. With a clear development pipeline in place, including more than 1,000 units across five different buildings, we envision significant portfolio expansion through project approvals and new construction. We are also exploring partnerships for real estate acquisitions and aspiring to create value beyond our existing portfolio. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

Happy third birthday to us, Dweck Properties — here’s to the journey ahead filled with continued growth, joy, and meaningful impact.

Happy Birthday Dweck!

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